Thursday, September 18, 2014


For Ms. Lollipop's birthday, we went to Barchetta. She is known to love seafood both raw and cooked. Barchetta is David Pasternack's new seafood place. It opened with mixed reviews but we wanted to go and judge ourselves. The space is open, bright, and modern. They didn't change much from the previous restaurant (La Promenade des Anglais) so we recognized it right away.
Due to lighting and our larger group, it was difficult to take pictures of other people's dishes. So I only took my own and the birthday girl's food.

To start, I had the Calamari alla Piastra ($16) which was grilled whole squid with red hot pepper and arugula salad. The squid was cooked nicely and I enjoyed it being left whole with tentacles and all. Inside, they left the ink sack as well so it became a sauce. I enjoyed this and was the perfect amount of food to start the night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Del Frisco's

It seems like steak has become the meal to celebrate good news. And good news it certainly was. With The Feisty Foodie and Dessert Zombie, we gathered to wish her good luck on her new job. And what better way to congratulate her than with big pieces of charred meat. Oh yeah. You know you want it.
To start, we had the off the menu slab bacon ($6 each). This is no ordinary diner bacon. This is a thick slab cooked to order. Be careful though. All that bacon means extra salt. All that salt means thirst and downing hard alcohol to quench it. Ahem ahem...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Nights: Bar Bacon

Did you know there's a bar in Hell's Kitchen that serves all things bacon related? Oh yes, my friends. BACON BACON BACON. What did you say? Bacon has jumped the shark? Shut up. As for the rest of you, please continue and read about all the bacon foods we had that night. With beers too, of course.

Monday, September 15, 2014


As someone who is very much into food, I've had my fair share of good to even great meals. I've also had my share of mediocre to bad ones too. But very rarely, do I come across a meal that not only satisfied my hunger but also impressed me so much  that it left me with the feeling of elation. Balaboosta is one such restaurant. From top to bottom, I was just happy. The food and the service was great. This is one restaurant that I would highly recommend to you even though I haven't even gone through what I had there yet. Yes, it was THAT good.
Balaboosta has been on my go to list for awhile. So when Mr. Matzo Ball's birthday came around, I suggested it. He was as excited as I was. I made my reservation for a group of 6 and happily waited until it the day of the meal. A few days before our reservation, we needed to add 2 more people. No problem, I thought. Oops! It seemed to be difficult for the restaurant as the space is not that big. They'll try to accommodate us but no promises. So as the date crept up, I became more and more nervous. And this is when the front of the house went above and beyond their duty. They made it work for us. They had every right to deny us a table for 8 due to the last minute changes but they worked their magic. The accommodated us in every way and I was very grateful.

And that was only the beginning. Now onto the food! We started with a bunch of appetizers to share. First up, the fried olives with organic labne and harissa oil ($8). These delicious morsels of briny olives breaded and fried until crispy. And the ultra smooth strained yogurt with a punch of chili oil. A really great way to start off the meal.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Restaurant Week: Fogo de Chao

I thought about writing a more lengthy post about my Restaurant Week experience at Fogo de Chao. But really there's not much else to say than, it was not good.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baking: Race Car Cake

Another kid's birthday means another attempt at a specialty cake. This time, it was my nephew's birthday who turned 5 years old this year. And what did he want for his birthday cake? A race car. Damn, I knew it was going to be difficult. I scoured the internet for ideas and pieced together some good ones.
Before I started, I tried to find an orange race car to use as the basis for the cake. His favorite color is orange. Once I found that, off to make the cake.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Momofuku Ssam Bar: Duck Dinner

Awhile ago, TT & CT, and Mr. M&P and I went on a double date. No reason except that we really wanted to try the duck dinner ($140) at Momofuku Ssam Bar. This is one of the special dinners that they offer. You can also do a bo ssam or a dry aged ribeye steak. But we had our eyes on that luscious duck.
But this is no ordinary rotisserie duck. They take a whole duck, stuff the duck and pork sausage under the skin of the main body. Then they take the other parts and make a stock out of it. More on that later. Before, the beauty is cut up for us, they bring it table side to show us the beautiful lacquered skin. So shiny. So pretty. So drool inducing.