Friday, March 13, 2009


So why create a food blog when there are so many out there already? Well, I basically wanted to keep track of my chronicles with food. I love food. I am interested in everything about it. I like to know what it tastes like in its raw and cooked stages. I want to find out how a food can taste and look completely different with just a little bit of manipulation. I want to taste things that I can’t possibly make at home. And I want to cook up a storm and devour it. I want to try the freshest ingredients out there. And I want to chow down on some delicious processed foods.

I am not a writer. So, I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. In fact, I apologize for anything that can resemble any sort of mistake. I just want to blog about food. Simple as that. I also follow many other food blogs. I read them daily and they keep me sane. Although, most of the time I live vicariously through them. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the metabolism to keep eating like some of these wonder-eaters do. So you’ll find a bunch of home cooked foods on this blog. Some of them follow recipes that I’ve collected. Others are imagined and experimented. Fortunately, the weekends have no limits. I’ll usually have foods that I wouldn’t allow myself on a daily basis.

I’m happy with the food lifestyle I have come to. It’s a mixed bag of mostly healthy but delicious food, and some saliva inducing, bad for your system-type foods. I am always satisfied and satiated. I am thankful that I am not allergic to anything. I will (almost) always try something new. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Most importantly, I want to thank my mom for bringing me up in a household where food was important and a central part of the family. I remember coming home from school and there would always be home cooked dinner later that night. Weekends were smorgasbords of homemade foods of all kinds. And my mom never restricted me from trying new things, especially foods of different cultures. I grew up not being afraid of new foods.

Random facts:

Favorites: chocolate, cheese, foie gras, lobster, sushi, dumplings, cheeseburgers, potato chips, croissants

Not-so-favorites: mayo, durian, frog legs, cauliflower, beans, string beans, jello

Strangest: hearts, gizzards, tripe, offal, pig ears, tongue, pigeon head, pigs and ducks blood jelly

Hamburger: with cheddar and caramelized onions; cooked medium

Steak: dry-aged rib eye; cooked medium-rare

Go to dessert: Mr. Softee vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles

Go to quick meal (cook): noodles and dumplings

Go to quick meal (buy): pizza or burgers

Favorite cuisine: French

Most eaten cuisine: Chinese

Haven’t tried but dying to: gastronomy inspired meals.

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