Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ba Xuyen: The Banh Mi Fever is Still Burning

I haven't tired of banh mi yet. So I bring myself to Sunset Park, Brooklyn to get a much talked about sandwich at Ba Xuyen. It's just what I needed on a rainy day.
Decent sized sandwich.

Lots of fillings. Decent amount of meat.
The banh mi is good. The bread is toasted on the outside and soft inside. They stuff the thing with pate and meats. Pickled vegetables to balance everything out. Cilantro for some bold flavor. And this time I was smart enough to order it spicy. It's not spicy at all but there's extra flavor. It fulfills that missing something that I encountered in my previous adventures. Darn, I wish this place was closer. For $3.75, it's a filling lunch. Ba Xuyen 4222 8 Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11232 (718)633-6601

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