Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Childhood Memories...(part 1)

I remember growing up that there were some staples in my diet. Rice, noodles, or rice noodles. And Chinese barbecued meat. These are commonly found in noodle houses and Chinese fast food joints. Recently, I've been craving these dishes. They're filling and cheap ($4). And most of all, they're delicious. I'm lucky enough to live in an area that still offers these foods and they deliver. Dai Wah Yummy City reminded me of my childhood. I had a large serving of barbecue roast pork over flat rice noodles. If the place does it right for delivery, they'll put the pork on the bottom, then random vegetables, then the noodles, and lastly the stock/soup. The soup and noodles will absorb all the great sweet and savory flavors from the pork. I have a method of eating this when it arrives. First, I grab the biggest bowl in the house. There's a lot more food than you think. You see, rice noodles expand when immersed in liquid. So while traveling to my house from the restaurant, the noodles are getting bigger and bigger. Anyhow, I empty the noodles in to the bowl first, then the pork and vegetables on top. Lastly, I slowly pour the soup into the bowl. It can have a tendency to overflow at this point. When it's all done, I eat this with a pair of chopsticks and a large soup spoon. You grab a couple of the noodles and neatly place it into the spoon. Add some pork or vegetable to your taste. Then dip the spoon into the soup. Basically, you have a miniature version of the dish in your spoon. Each spoonful is a one bite delight! Soup noodles are best eaten when it's cold out. It definitely warms the body. And keeps you warm. Also, it's very filling. And it's not the type of food that makes you crash and burn. Nope, you'll stay full for awhile. Dai Wah Yummy City 7218 18th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204 (718) 837-8818

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