Thursday, April 30, 2009

Childhood Memories...(part 2)

Dai Wah Yummy City provided another staple in my childhood diet. Barbecued meats over white rice. This time I chose soy sauce chicken thigh and suckling pig. It's a lot of food as well. But since I haven't had it in quite some time, I finished it all. I was full and happily satisfied for the rest of the day. And I had only spent $5 on the food. When you order the barbecued meats, it's important to let the people know which part of the animal you want. If you don't, they'll give you the most unpopular pieces. For the soy chicken, the best part are the thighs. They are juicy and meaty. And there's a lot of flavor there. The worst, the breast. It tends to be dry and overcooked. Usually, you might get some ginger and scallion dip/sauce. This stuff is good. It definitely kicks things up. Also, sometimes you might want to ask for a ladle of their special soy sauce on top. It's special because it's the soy sauce that is used to make the chickens, ducks, and other things. It's absorbed a lot of flavor. And no bottle can replicate that taste. Have it mixed into your white rice and you're good to go. For the suckling pig, you want pieces with the crackling skin attached. And you want to let the people know about 50/50 fat-leanness. Otherwise, you might get pieces that are entirely fat or pieces that are too lean which makes them very chewy. Somewhere in between is the ideal suckling pig. Everything is attached to the bone. So expect to be eat around that. I don't mind because things tends to taste better when cooked on the bone. And after so many years, I've become an expert in eating around the bone. No bother here. This place is not the best I've had. It's not even close. But it's decent. And I'll definitely continue ordering from here. As long as my cravings for childhood food memories continue, they'll reap the benefits. Dai Wah Yummy City 7218 18th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204 (718) 837-8818

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