Friday, April 3, 2009

Famous Dave's BBQ

So I went to Famous Dave's BBQ on it's grand opening in Midtown yesterday at around 1:30pm. It wasn't very crowded so we got a table right away. Our waitress was friendly but seemed a little inexperienced. Our water and soda took 10-15 minutes to arrive. We already saw the menu ahead of time so we knew what to order right away.

I had the Regular Ribs which including 4 St. Louis style ribs. Everything came with a corn muffin, corn on the cob, and 2 sides. I had the spicy mac n' cheese and their "famous fries".

One of my coworkers had the double meat platter with beef tip and chopped pork. For sides, he picked mac n cheese and green beans.

The other two companions had beef brisket and had cole slaw and baked beans. (Sorry no picture. They didn't want to wait so they dove right in).

I think the concensus was that things were a bit mediocre, especially the meat. My ribs were meaty but the flavor wasn't intense enough. It's almost as if I could make the same at home. I was expecting something with a more intense smokey flavor. The brisket was hit or miss. Some pieces were good. And some seemed to be "mysterious meat". The beef tips were okay but had a lot of bones in them. But the chopped pork was devoured.

As for sides, the mac n cheese was creamy and had a slight kick from the jalapenos. The fries could be forgotten. Frozen to deep fryer type wedges. Cole slaw was just okay. But beans were slightly better. The corn on the cob was dry as if it were boiled for too long. Or if it just sat out for a long time. The winner of the sides was the corn muffin. It was fluffy and moist. But quite honestly, I can make better with a box of Jiffy.

There's just something about a really good, slow smoked piece of meat and I just didn't find it at Famous Dave's. In terms of Midtown BBQ, I remember my trip to Virgil's being better. And if I'm really craving some good smoked meat, I'd hike it to 11th Avenue for Daisy May's.

Famous Dave's BBQ
171 W. 47th Street
New York, NY 10036

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