Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Frank Pepe's Pizza

When it comes to pizza, I'm very partial to NYC. The crust, the sauce, the cheese. It's all good here. And the variety is endless. You would never have to settle for anything sub-par. Yes, it's that good here. So when several people claim that they have better pizza, I'm usually doubtful. But when local NY-ers claim this, I'm interested. This brings me to Frank Pepe's Pizza in New Haven, Connecticut. I've heard lots of things about this place. It's been around since 1925. That's much longer than several of the best places in NYC. Maybe they do have something to tout about. So I went and tasted some good pizza. First, as with any good pizza joint, there's a wait. But not too long since it was 3PM on a Sunday afternoon. The place looks old and weathered. That's a good sign. It means plenty of people have been through and they didn't want to stray from the original. They're about the food. We order a large tomato pie with mozzarella, pepperoni, mushrooms, and grated cheese on top ($24). They make everything to order so it took a little time. I'll wait for almost anything if it tastes fantastic. The wait wasn't too long but it only feels that way watching other people get their pies and devouring it on site. Our pie eventually comes and it's big. It's thin. And it looks good! The sliced seem to be cut randomnly. But that doesn't matter. It's about the taste. The cheese was good. Nice and salty and melted. The grated parmeseano added a nice sharp kick to it. The pepperoni was different from what I'm used to. But good none the less. The mushrooms were lackluster. They didn't really add anything to the pie. But then again, when do they? What I liked best about Frank Pepe's? The sauce. The tomato sauce was very good. It was really prominent. Some of the best I can think of. No wonder they offer just a tomato pie without cheese. What I didn't like about Frank Pepe's? The crust. It wasn't crispy enough. They had the char but not the crisp. In fact, the pizza was soggy in the middle. It was difficult to pick up the sliced without utensils. I'm a hands on kind of pizza eater. I don't know if this was an issue for us only or it's like that all the time. But crust is very important to me. In fact, you could have the best toppings in the world, but if your crust droops and is lackluster, then it falls down a notch for me. In almost every aspect of Frank Pepe's, I enjoyed it alot. It tasted good. The service was good. And the atmosphere was nice. But alas, the crust let me down. So it doesn't beat NYC for me. I would definitely go again. And if their crust proves themselves, I just might have to rethink about this whole NYC pizza thing. Frank Pepe 157 Wooster Street New Haven, CT 06511 (203) 865-5762 http://www.pepespizzeria.com/

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