Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Heart Mr. Softee

There's something pretty amazing about Mr. Softee soft serve ice cream. I grew up in NYC so this is a staple in my warm weather diet. Or non-diet, whatever. But it's amazing for several reasons. One: Mr. Softee is the official Spring weather determinator here. Screw that groundhog! He's always sleepy and cranky. Mr. Softee is always happy and brings yummy ice cream. Two: Mr. Softee has a recognizable tune so when you're in your house, you can hear him from down the block. Grab your money and run out! The driver will happily pull over and serve you. Three: You can scout around for the best deals. Every truck serves its cones with its own prices. Outer boroughs almost guarantees you a better deal. Four: They have amazingly creamy soft serve ice cream. I don't do frozen yogurt.
My staple: Vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles!
Don't ever be fooled by impostors. It's not the same. It doesn't taste the same. Only the authentic.

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