Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lunch at The City Bakery

On a warm Saturday afternoon in the city, I went in search of a good lunch. Alas, Shake Shack was predictably crowded. And I didnt' want to spend more than $10 on a simple yet satisfying lunch to tie me over. I headed over to The City Bakery in search of something good.
I browsed around the place and eventually settled on a ham and gruyere half-sandwich.
And a spinach pesto pasta salad.
The ham and guyere was good. It had some dijon mustard to bring all the flavors together. And pasta salad was good too. The pesto was made from spinach instead of basil. Everything was just satisfying enough. The sandwich and pasta came out to $6.30, no drink. Best of all, the place wasn't too crowded. I guess everyone was looking for an outdoor cafe today. I would have gotten one of their popular desserts as well. There was an apple-lemon tartine looking at me. But I had my heart set on a Mr. Softee truck around the corner.

The City Bakery 3 W 18th St New York, NY 10011 (212) 366-1414

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