Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poseidon Bakery

Being in Midtown makes a lot of delicious food but lacks in authenticity. This is not the case for Poseidon Bakery and its Greek delights. I searched out for this place after reading an article in Time Out NY. The owner, Paul Fable, proudly shows off his food but also notes that the NYC commercial seen is hell. He states that they're lucky to own the buidling where the shop sits. Otherwise, they wouldn't be there. But I'm happy that they are here. And here for 85 years. The people who work there (the owners I think) are really friendly. They're honest and chatty. It almost feels like a neighborhood bakery that I've been to my whole life. They certainly treat me that way. That kind of service is certainly missed in Midtown. And it's another reason why I keep going back. The reason is the food. So this bakery offers both savory and sweet delights. I like to go there for the savory pies. I like the kreatopita (meat pie-$4.50) and spanakopita (spinach pie-$4). They also offer tiropitas (cheese pies), and vegetable pies. You can get them warm if you like. It's better than taking them back to nuke. Each pie is wrapped in flaky thin filo dough. It's all buttery and delicious. They may look small but they're filling. Two and I'm very full. I can eat one and have a salad on the side and be satiated.
Golden flaky crusts! Meat on the left. Spinach on the right.
I've also had their desserts on another occasion. I tried the baklava and something else similar to it but had rose water. I found that I'm not a fan of rose water. It makes me think that I'm eating soap. Yeah, not fun. But the baklava was sweet with honey and flaky with filo and butter. There are ground nuts inside. This is a heavy dessert. I made the mistake of eating these after a meal once. I should have waited until I was hungry again. None the less, it was good. Good food, good people, good prices, and authenticity. What's not to like here?

Poseidon Bakery 629 9th Avenue New York, NY 10036 (212) 757-6173

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