Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Secret Lunch with Momofuku Crew

I was one of the lucky 180 people who won a pass to a secret lunch prepared by Chef David Chang and crew of Momofuku Noodle Bar. Followed by dessert from Pastry Chef Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar. All this was provided by NBC-New York. To win, one would have to answer an online quiz about local NYC things. The questions varied by day. My questions consisted of local chefs. They showed you pictures of 4 local chefs. You have to match them to the correct NYC restaurant. Another quiz involved pictures of local bridges that you had to name. And another with museums. Not only do you have to answer the questions correctly, you also have to be the first 5 to answer them each day. It was a test of smarts and quick typing. Like I said, I was one of the lucky ones. And Doc Nut was my lucky plus one. When we arrive to Soho at around 12:15p, we can see the setup. It was a fenced off empty lot with a food cart on one end. It was simple but it worked. When we got to the gate, I have my name and my secret code word. Then access granted. We got a menu with choices of vegetarian, pork, chicken, or dealer's choice. I couldn't resist dealer's choice. It's up to the chef's discretion. David Chang is known to whip up some amazing things. So I opt for that. Doc nut opts for the pork menu. We always go halves with our food. First of all, the food smells amazing. Everything is organized and clean. Most of all, people are definitely enjoying themselves: food lovers, chefs, and all. Chef David was having such a grand time that he accepts my invitation for a picture. He's really nice and easy going. And always smiling. He thanked me for coming and told me to enjoy his food. I told him that I most definitely will. While waiting for my food, I could tell from the selection what was the Dealer's Choice rotation. It consisted of lobster, lamb, or duck rillete. When I get my food, it turns out to be the lamb with pickled beets. Sides are rice and collared greens. Doc Nut's pork looked amazing with the sweet/spicy rice cakes, rice fries, and a famous Noodle Bar pork bun. The lamb was juicy and fatty. The beets were perfectly pickled. Still slightly sweet but also sour. The collared greens were good. And the rice was actually sticky rice. It was a great complement to the fattiness of the lamb. A great complete meal. And portions are good. I'm full but there's enough room for dessert. And thank god. That dessert. But more about it later. The rice cakes are so good. It's sweet from the mirin and spicy from the siracha sauce. The outside is slightly crispy. But the inside is chewy and soft. Delicious. You can eat a whole plate of this all by itself. The pork bun was great as well. The pork was savory and juicy. It was placed inside a soft bun. At the dessert station, I recognized the pastry chef, Christina Tosi. I asked for a picture as well. She seemed a little shocked and embarrassed. I guess most people recognize David Chang but forget about how important the Pastry Chef is as well. She was very nice and gracious as well. But her food is to die for. Her donut flavored soft serve ice cream was drool worthy. And I wish the serving was bigger. It was creamy and soft with cinnamon sugar on top. It really did taste like a donut. Oh man, I can have some right now. Best. Lunch. Ever. Beautiful Day. Good company. Good food. Momofuku Noodle Bar 171 1st Avenue New York, NY 10003 momofuku.com Momofuku Milk Bar 207 2nd Avenue New York, NY 1003 momofuku.com/bakery

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