Thursday, April 16, 2009

Treats Truck

Oh Treats Truck, why have I avoided you for so long?! Oh I know, my waistline! It's very easy to fall victim to the old school morsels sold at the truck. But it was my day off (from healthy eating). I worked hard all week (at the gym). I already had a worse than normal healthy lunch. Why not top it off with a delicious treat? Or two? I was craving something chocolate. Once I got to the truck, I couldn't decide. There were brownies, cakes, cookies, rice crispies, etc. And the specials...oh the specials! I finally ended up on the chocolate sandwich cookie. But next to it, what flavor is that beige cookie sandwich. They proceeded to describe the cookie with brown sugar and caramel...what?! Yes, I'll have one of those too please. Two cookies=$3.25. Happy me, happy wallet. The chocolate sandwich cookie is good. The cookie itself is soft yet chewy. I always hate sandwich cookies with hard cookies! Don't even get me started on ice cream sandwiches. Anyhow, the cream is good. It doesn't taste fake like in Oreos. It's just good and creamy. It feels homemade. And it's not too sweet. I'm very un-American when it comes to that. I don't like desserts that are overly sweet. And I prefer real sugar over high fructose corn syrup. And fake sugar anything is gross. I digress. But the cookie sandwich makes me feel like I'm having some vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup or fudge on top. But in a sandwich form. The brown sugar caramel cookie is really good. The cookies are nice and buttery. The caramel cream is sweet. These two complement each other very well. In fact, I think I like this cookie better than the chocolate cookie. Now, don't get me wrong. I really like chocolate. But when it comes to desserts, I don't always choose it because there always other things to explore. And some might be good and some might be bad. In this case, good. Very good. Treats Truck, we will meet again! Until then, back on the program. Treats Truck (212) 691-5226

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