Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Village Voice Choice Eats Tasting Event 2009

So I went to the Village Voice Choice Eats Tasting Event last night. And it was fantastic! There were plenty of vendors of different cuisines and lots of free booze too. But I was there for the food. I was there on a mission: to try everything and capture the moment on my camera. The doors on the 69th Armory at Lexington Avenue opened at 6:30pm. Of course there was a line that wrapped around the block. Mostly due to the checking of ID's for bracelets. I was promptly in by 7:15pm and I started at one end and snaked my way through. Unfortunately, by the time I got to certain vendors, they had already run out of food. Some of the places that I really wanted to try but missed were: Dirt Candy, Fatty Crab, Jimmy No. 43, Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery, Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches, and Porchetta. Fortunately, I still got to stuff my face with delicious food from terrific vendors.
Urban Rustic Market: meatballs and vegetable soup (sorry blurry picture)
Fette Sau: smoked of the favorites!
Peppa's Jerk Chicken: jerk chicken with (really!) hot sauce
Tiffin Wallah: rice, falafel type food, and some cake-ish thing
Cabrito: stuffed chile relleno...another favorite!
Kampuchea Restaurant: one flavorful chicken wing
Salumeria Rosi: mortadella, salami, and ham
Baoguette: banh mi...still got the fever!
Barbao: spicy beef salad
Pacificana: duck liver spring roll
Patisserie Des Ambassades: something with chocolate but unfortunately it was dry
Smorgas Chef: swedish meatballs and lox
Xunta Tapas: spanish omlette, chorizo, stuffed date, croquette
Krik Krak: mushroom rice and fried (fatty goodness!) pork
Smoke Joint: 12 hour pulled pork over grits
Max: lasagna
Madiba: spiced ground beed with almonds
Kuma Inn: flavorful tofu with mushrooms
Radegast Hall and Biergarten: goulash with dumplings
Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop: liver pate on bread (surprisingly good!)
Favella Grill: fried everything (chicken, cheese, beef, pork, chile, seafood, etc) but wasn't very good (cold and dry)
Motorino: chocolate bomboloni
Sheep Station: roasted lamb sandwiches (juicy and delicious! one of my favorites!) - sorry another blurry picture
Bajan Cafe: shrimp-y goodness
Cafe Glechik: sausage on toats and some kind of sauce (only the sausage minus toast was good)
Bella Napoli: sausage and pepper roll and pizza
Pam Real Thai Food: pork dumpling (tastes just like dim sum shu mai)
Village Voice Choice Eats Tasting Event Tuesday, March 31, 2009 The 69th Armory at Lexington Avenue 69 Lexington Avenue @ 26th Street New York, NY 10010

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