Thursday, April 2, 2009

When in New England...Eat at the Litle Lobster Boat

I took a recent trip to New Hampshire. Nashua to be exact. It's on the border of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We went to visit Mr. Meat and Potatoes and Ms. Pastry Chef's relatives. And we enjoyed a feast while we were there. My favorite thing about New England is their abundance of seafood. My favorite is definitely lobster. I prefer it to be steamed whole and ready for cracking and devouring. But I'll take it any way possible. In this case, we went to Lil' Lobster Boat. It was a local place but it was crowded. The food was made fresh and it was delicious! Of course I had to get my lobster. So I had 2 lobster rolls ($12 each). Fantastic! The meat was plump, juicy, and sweet. They added very little mayo, the way I prefer. And the bun was toasted and buttered. It was great! And I'm still thinking about it. We also shared some fried clams strips and fried shrimp. Everything came with fries or onion rings. The food was fantastic. I always find that the local places are always the best places. If we ever go back up to Nashua, I would request that we go there again.

Lil Lobster Boat Restaurant
273 Derry Road
Litchfield, NH (603) 882-4988

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