Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dim Sum from World Tong

My family's go to place for take out dim sum has been World Tong for years. We've been here since the Joe Ng days. Now he's moved on to better things (Chinatown Brasserie). The place just hasn't been the same since he's left. And they've added more tables without adding more space. It's always cramped and service can be spotty. But that is the usual take on dim sum for me. I grew up knowing dim sum as breakfast/brunch/lunch food in noisy, busy places. And where service is a far second to food. When we actually leave the house, we go to other (better) dim sum houses. World Tong is only for take out. I wouldn't suggest delivery. The last time we ordered delivery, they added $10 more of things we didn't order. Then they made us pay for it. On top of that, they didn't care when we called. And the delivery man was late. That's just too much to deal with for delivery. But when you're standing in the restaurant and ordering, you can see everything. The following are a few classic dishes we get:
Pork spare ribs in garlic and black bean sauce Shrimp rice noodle skin The innards: shrimp Phoenix Feet: chicken feet Leaky milk custard buns The innards: yellow goo Beef tripe Fish meatballs Dumplings in rice wrapper The innards: peanuts, pork, shrimp, chives, mushrooms
World Tong 6202 18th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11204 (718) 236-8118

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