Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grand Central Oyster Bar

There are a bunch of places to eat in the Grand Central Terminal. One of my favorites is the Oyster Bar. Fresh seafood and wide variety. I'm there! I like raw oysters. They're sweet, salty, creamy, and oh so good. I haven't eaten them for a very long time. I've only started eating them a couple of years ago. But I instantly fell in love with them. They are so unique in flavor and texture. I like to have them with just a squeeze of lemon. No horseradish. No cocktail sauce. No vinaigrette. No hot sauce. I'm partial to West Coast oysters. Previously, a very knowledgeable waiter at Shaffer's Oyster Bar guided me through the menu. He gave us a nice tasting of what they had starting with more mild pieces. And eventually, I figured out what I liked. West Coast and creamy. Yum! I've had raw platters at a couple of places around NYC. But I've found that the Grand Central Oyster bar not only offers the best selection, but also the freshest. When I go there, I do it right. Oysters galore! And one sea urchin for kicks.
One big platter of raw bivalve goodness!
Everything is absolutely so fresh. You can tell because it smells and tastes like the sea. Not fishy at all. The sea urchin is very creamy and fresh. You eat the "tongues" which are the orange parts. They just melt into your mouth. With the oysters, they give you a menu of what you order so you can compare them. Everything is so good. I like them all! But my favorite were the Virginica's because they were very creamy and the flavor was intense. After 26 oysters, I'm stuffed. But very happy.
13 different kinds! 2 each!
I love this place. It's old school. But they're very serious about their seafood. Freshness is their top priority. That's why they run out of things all the time. They only order enough food for the night. They don't like to refrigerate anything. That's dedication to food right there. And I'm a big fan! Oyster Bar, I'll be back! Grand Central Oyster Bar Grand Central Terminal New York, NY 10017 (212) 490-6650

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