Friday, May 22, 2009

Insomnia Cookies

Tipped off by Doc Nut, I went to Insomnia Cookies one night for something sweet and quick. Fresh baked cookies were on my mind. I stop in and the place is pretty small. But it smelled good. And they had a small variety available. I opt for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookie ($2.25), and he gets the Chocolate Chunk Cookie ($1.00), and one Brownie ($1.25). We sat at the one wooden counter available there and devour them. My cookie was very good. There was a good amount of peanut butter cups. And the dough tasted of peanut butter as well. Really filling. One was enough. The Chocolate Chunk was uneven. Some bites left with just cookie dough. And others with lots of chocolate. We're fans of the combo bite. Cookie and chocolate all at once, please! The brownie seemed deceiving. When I look for a chocolate brownie, I expect it to be rich and decadent. This was more like a simple bland cake. It was not fudgey at all. I wouldn't get this again. Overall, the place was okay. I would come here if I didn't have access to fresh baked cookies elsewhere. But since I do, I wouldn't be making any special trips. Insomnia Cookies 50 West 8th Street New York, NY 10011 (212) 228-2373

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