Wednesday, May 20, 2009

John's Pizzeria (Midtown)

John's Pizzeria is most famous for it's location on Bleecker Street. But they also have 2 storefronts in Midtown, and in the NJ. The Boss offered me lunch at the Times Square location. And I took it. First of all, the place is huge. It looks like it took over an old church or playhouse. You can see the original stained glass dome in the ceiling. It's clean and spacious. And when I went at 1:15pm on a weekday, it wasn't packed though slightly busy. We ordered a small whole wheat margarita pizza (~$14). It has 6 slices. Enough to fill The Boss and myself but won't put me in a carb-overload coma for the rest of the afternoon. When the pizza arrives, it smells good. Lots of sauce and some cheese. With the first slice, no sagging. That's a good sign of a crisp crust. Also, a look underneath and you see some charring. Another good sign. The sauce is typical and so is the cheese. The wheat crust tastes slightly of wheat which doesn't overpower the rest of the ingredients. All together, it was an okay slice. It didn't wow me nor did I dislike it. I thought the sauce could be more flavorful. And I could always use more cheese. The crust was good enough though. John's wouldn't be remotely near my list of best pizza in NYC. But, this is an offshoot of the original. So, I can't cast it away just yet. I just know that I probably won't be returning to this location. Unless, The Boss chooses (and pays) for lunch again. Otherwise, surprisingly, there are actually better pizza places in midtown. John's Pizzeria 260 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036 (212) 391-7560

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  1. ahuevo solo por el mexican power comen los gringos.


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