Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

I love Memorial Day. But for all the wrong reasons. It's supposed to commemorate our veterans and soldiers. But I'm in it for the food. It marks the first non-official day of summer. And there's lot of BBQ-ing and grilling involved. Mmm, some of my favorite food of all time. And this past weekend was no different. Food galore!
Appetizers: Baked Brie Bread Bowl. This was monstrous! Gooey goodness! Grilled Shrimp. Slightly spicy and perfectly done. Entrees: BBQ Ribs. Lovely BBQ sauce. Meat was falling off the bone. So tender. So good. I had extra helpings of this. A side of asparagus salad. A nice complement. And right in season. Can't have a BBQ without some burgers. Even better, cheeseburgers. Indian people always grill something Indian. This time is Chicken Tikka. And I'm glad they made this. Yum! Desserts: The famous Lemon Mousse. So incredibly good and light! Extra servings of this! Some kind of Indian Walnut dessert. Nutty. Fresh Fruit Salad

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