Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Salt & Battery

We wanted something simple, cheap, and satisfying. And that's exactly what A Salt & Battery gave us. It's a fish and chips place in the West Village. It's small and hardly fancy at all. There are about 6 stools around a metal counter inside. And 2 benches outside. All they do is fry. And they fried our food to order. That's a good thing. The service was actually good. The guys at the counter were friendly and chatted with us while we were ordering. As for food, Mr. Meat & Potatoes and I shared a small Pollock (4 oz.; $3.50), a fried battered banger ($5.95), and a small fish combo ($7.25), and a small chips ($3.50). The Pollack was a decent size. The inside was white, flaky, and still juicy. I put some malt vinegar and salt on it. That stepped it up. The battered banger wasn't very good. It wasn't the frying. It was the sausage itself. It didn't really taste that good to me. And I would never order it again. The fish combo came with 4 strips of pollack and 2 large shrimp. The pollack here was actually tastier for some reason. It had more flavor. The shrimp was very good. Fried perfectly. Still juicy and not rubbery at all. The chips were decent as well. I put vinegar on these as well and it tasted quite good. Some were very crispy and some were on the softer side. I like to be traditional and use malt vinegar. When you add the vinegar, you don't really need the salt. But some people prefer tartar sauce. And the sauce here is actually really good. It doesn't taste like the kind you get from the supermarket. It almost tastes homemade. It was good! I ended up eating the rest of my chips with the tartar. Although I had to add salt or vinegar to almost everything, it was still decent. I wouldn't go out of my way to reach out to this place. But if I'm in the area and feel like having some fried goodness, I would stop by again. A Salt & Battery 112 Greenwich Avenue New York, NY 10014 (212) 691-2719


  1. @fressagirl

    It was a poor showing of my stomach capacity.


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