Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You Have a Spell on Me Treats Truck

Oh Treats Truck, in terms of bowling, you would have a Turkey! Yes, three (good) strikes in a row! On a rainy Friday afternoon, I was craving for chocolate chip cookies. Strange though. I usually crave savory things like cheese, steak, potato chips, dumplings, etc. But no, this was a full blown chocolate chip cookie craving. Not brownies, nor cakes. Yes, the good old fashioned baked dough with chocolate bits inside. And the Treats Truck came to my rescue once again. I knew it would be dangerous but good to have it parked down the block. My chocolate chip cookie was big and flat. And it tasted good. The cookie part was very buttery. Yes, I like butter. And it makes a very good cookie. I could have used more chocolate though. But it was certainly good enough to satisfy me. While there, I got an oatmeal raisin cookie as well. It's smaller but much thicker. Very moist. Lots of oatmeal used. Good! Raisins found. Good! Cinnamon and sugar was not overpowering. Good! Kim and Treats Truck, you are awesome!

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