Friday, June 12, 2009

The 1st Wedding

When the weather gets warm, wedding season begins. This year, I have 6 weddings to attend. This is my first of the year. Weddings are great. Lots of friends and family. Lots of booze and dancing. And hopefully, lots of good food to go around. This first wedding brings me to the Park Savoy in Florham Park, NJ. I've heard good things about this place. And I'm excited to have some good wedding food. The cocktail hour did not disappoint. Outside, they had a fajita station, a New York stand (hot dogs), and some other food. I didn't have time to have these. The lines were long. Instead, I hopped inside where most of the food was presented. There was a pasta station offering tortellini alfredo or penne vodka. I had the first. It was good. Bacon was found in the sauce. Always a plus. I also had a pierogi. Mmmm, potato dumplings. Who doesn't like that? Then off to the antipasti area. I grabbed some calamari salad and smoked salmon. I also nibbled on some meat and cheese while standing on line. I also grabbed a delicious glass of shrimp ceviche and mango salad. That was really good and refreshing. There were hors d'oeuvres being passed around as well. I had some coconut shrimp (big and juicy), apple fritters (like fried apple pie), catfish nuggets (I have a soft spot for fried fish), and vegetable spring rolls (still crunchy). Next came the carving station area. I took some fried calamari (fried goodness) and lamb chops (a little over done but not lamb-y at all). Next to that was a sushi station. The fish was fresh but unfortunately the rice was too soft. But I'd rather have that instead of good rice and bad fish. Also, I grabbed some seaweed salad. I was relatively tame with this cocktail hour. I didn't want to fill up too much. Dinner was coming up soon. The appetizer included a crab cake with arugula salad with walnuts. This was really good. And it definitely whet my appetite for the main course. The crabcake wasn't dry at all. Thank god! Also, you could really taste the crab. It's always good that you can taste the actual food that it was made from. Next, the entree was a choice of sea bass, beef roast, or chicken. I picked the beef (medium rare), and he picked the sea bass. The beef came out a little under cooked but that was okay for me. It tasted really good. Perfectly seasoned and really juicy. It came with some mashed potatoes and vegetables. The sea bass was good as well. Juicy and flavorful. Not fishy at all. It was surprising good for a wedding. Fish is always hit or miss at large events. And this was a hit. It was served with risotto and asparagus. Dessert consisted of wedding cake and a sweets platter. The cake was soft and had a chocolaty filling. I didn't have room for the dessert platter but it had canolis, cookies, tarts, biscotti, etc. It looked good. In all, the food here was good. I know that it's difficult to mass produce food at a high quality level. But if that's your job, then you should be able to do it. And the Park Savoy did just that. It came through with delicious food. I had a great time! The Park Savoy 236 Ridgedale Avenue Florham Park, NJ 07932 (973)377-7100

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