Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cooking with POM

The people at POM had recently shipped me a case of their POM Wonderful juice. It's pomegranate juice. It's tart but delicious and refreshing. I've had it before and enjoyed it. But this time I wanted to use it in cooking somehow. Since most juices have a lot of natural sugar in them, I thought that syrup would be easy. Then the craving for french toast hit me. And it all came into action shortly after. First thing, I had to reduce the POM to make a thick syrup. Place the juice in a pot on low heat and simmer it until it is thick and covers the spatula. When it's close to syrup consistency, it bubbles a lot (see below). It's important to watch this because if it reduces too much, it will start to burn. And the whole thing would be ruined. But once it reaches that syrup point, turn the heat off. It needs some cooling time. Boiling sugar is significantly hotter than boiling water. So be careful! While the juice has simmering down. I prepped my french toast. I mixed some classic ingredients together but added a couple of twists. First, cream instead of milk. Why do I need to explain that one? And a little bit of cardamon. I got this idea from Parsi Executive Chef. She had made me french toast once and it tasted of cardamon which is a highly used spice in her home. I thought this spice would go well with the tartness of the pomegranate.
The ingredients: white bread, light brown sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, cardamon, eggs, heavy cream, butter
I soaked the bread in the mixture until completely saturated.
Then I slowly cooked them in butter until browned.
Lastly, I added the syrup on top. A little goes a long way here. And the combo is so good! The syrup is a little too tart. But I can handle it. Others may want to add some sugar to it to even it out. But the french toast is fluffy and sweet with a kick of spice. And the syrup cuts it well.

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