Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello again, Nashua, NH!

Another weekend brings me to Nashua, NH. It was on my way to wedding #2. It was a welcomed side trip. But unfortunately, no lobster this time. Sigh... But good thing it was filled with other delicious food! Dinner was a good spread of Parsi Indian food. I had chicken daal. In texture, similar to curry. But in flavor, far from it. It's made from lentils so it's heavy. But it's very good, especially on top of rice. Also, we had some chicken kabobs. Spiced and herbed ground chicken meat. Yum! In the morning, we had a mix of Indian and American food for breakfast. I had a chicken and asiago cheese sausage, spicy grilled shrimp, and akoori. It's like Indian scrambled eggs. This version was very spicy. And I could only have one serving. I need some milk and an english muffin to slow down the heat.

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