Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mr. Meat & Potatoes' Birthday

Mr. Meat & Potatoes' birthday passed some days ago. And we always try to make the effort to celebrate with his family. Home cooked Parsi food. Good for me. This time around, there were about 20 people invited. That means more food and more variety. Very good for me. Mrs. Parsi Head Chef makes everything from scratch. It's the type of food that you wished you could eat. But you can't get this kind of home food anywhere. You have to latch yourself onto a Parsi Indian family. And this one is mine! We started off with lots of appetizers. It's tricky not to fill up on these alone.
Beef Kababs with Indian spices and herbs. So good. One of my favorites. They're best right off the grill. Still hot yet so juicy. An antipasti platter from Sergio's. Lots of meats and cheeses. Spinach Dip from Ms. Spinach Dip (haha!) and Smoked Salmon dip. But I love that spinach dip! As recommended, very good the next day on toast. Green chutney and egg sandwiches. They're kind of like Indian egg salad sandwiches. Tarapori paatio: Dried, marinated fish. An acquired taste. Very spicy. I like it! Even better as a sandwich! A Mr. Parsi Sous Chef specialty. Then for our main courses: Naan: Soft and warm from the oven. Basmati Rice: Spiced just right. Simple Salad: A good balance with all the heavy food. Khima Pattis: Seasoned ground beef wrapped in mashed potatoes and deep fried. Need I say more? The innards Kolmi Na Curry Chawal: shrimp curry that's creamy and slightly spicy. Lots of shrimp. Great over rice. And boiled eggs too. Yum! Got room for dessert? Chocolate Mousse Cake by Ms. Pastry Chef: Light and airy. But decadent as can be. Mr. Meat & Potatoes' favorite! The innards Funfetti Cake with Ice Cream also by Ms. Pastry Chef: Sweet... The innards My own Strawberry Rhubarb Pie The innards Kulfi: Indian ice cream with a flavor of pistachio and cardamon. Another Mr. Parsi Sous Chef specialty. Everything is so incredibly good. People rave about the cooking all the time. It's such a treat every time. I always overeat. It calls for extra work at the gym every time. But well worth it.


  1. @Dan: I know! I'm getting hungry again just looking at it.

  2. OMG honey, those are the most delicious looking dishes I've seen online in a lonnnng time! I know your husband must be a very happy man!

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