Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brother Jimmy's BBQ

An appointment in Murray Hill brought me to Brother Jimmy's BBQ. It was right around the corner and I had a craving for BBQ. I wanted good ribs. But alas, it wasn't what I received. We got there and the place was packed. People were crowding their bar for happy hour. Beers were poured and fish bowl punches were presented. I was there for the food so we sat at a table. The service was friendly and accommodating. We looked over the menu and decided on some onion straws to start ($7.50) and the the combo rib platter ($23.50) with mac n' cheese and fire fries as sides. They first gave us some corn bread to snack on. These weren't very good. They were dry and didn't have much flavor. I didn't detect any corn nor butter flavor. Not good at all. Next, the onion straws came in a bucket. But don't be fooled. It's not a full bucket. It was only filled halfway. There was a level inside. Even then, there was too much food. The onion straws were deep fried and didn't provide much onion flavor. You can only taste the spiced batter. If you really like onion straws/strings, try them at RUB BBQ. These just weren't very good. Unfortunately, this was the only tolerable food that night. We finally received our ribs and they didn't look that great. But sometimes barbecue can look weird but taste great. This wasn't the case here. The combo platter had three types of ribs: Northern style, Southern Style, and Dry Rub. All three were terrible. The meat wasn't tender. It lacked the slow smoked flavor. Although it claims to be smoked for 5-12 hours, it didn't even have a smoke ring. You would think that maybe the sauce/rub would save it. It didn't. It actually made it worse. Out of the 6-7 ribs on the plate, I ate 2 and took a bite of the last one. I couldn't tolerate eating such bad food anymore. But it got worse. The sides were inedible. The fries were not hot. And the potatoes were mealy. The spices on top tasted like they were shaken on when the fries were cold. So basically, you have raw spices on cold fries. Not good at all. The worst was the mac n' cheese. I actually spit out the bite I took. I have never spit out food unless it was spoiled. This was just bad. The pasta wasn't good. But the cheese was the biggest offender. It was the worst mac n' cheese I've ever had. Kraft is a genius over these guys. The public school mac n' cheese at lunch was better. This meal was disappointing in the fullest. Nothing tasted even okay. Things were just plain bad. I will never go here again. I felt like I wasted money and stomach space. Leaving, I thought, I would rather go hungry than come here for food.

Brother Jimmy's BBQ 181 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10016 (212)799-7427

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