Friday, July 10, 2009


After dinner, we were feeling something sweet. A quick walk to Cones is just what we needed. Plus, I've been thinking about that corn ice cream ever since that first encounter with Dr. Nut. Cones is an old school ice cream shop. They're no fuss and offer plenty of flavors to choose from. They have original flavors like chocolate and vanilla. But they also offer more exotic flavors like corn and Jack Daniel's. Whatever the flavor may be, it's homemade. And that's why it's so good. I easily went for the corn ice cream again. It tastes like vanilla mixed with corn flavor. And there are corn bits through out the whole thing. So good! He, tried and true, got the chocolate. But it tasted really good. I didn't know how to describe it but it was just really good, decadent chocolate ice cream. Along our way back to the car, some woman stopped us to ask where we got our ice cream. We proudly told her about cones just 1 block away. She asked if it was any better that Yogurtland across the street. We adamantly told her YES! We were having real, homemade ice cream. Not weird processed yogurt dessert. We urged her to go to cones and someone chimed in and agreed with us. She happily thanked us all and went her way to cones. Oh yeah! Glad to always help someone find better food.

Cones 272 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10014 (212) 414-1795

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