Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day of Eating with the Family - Part 1: Breakfast

Ah, the great family ritual of spending holidays/celebrations together. And there's always one thing we do, EAT! Happily, dim sum is usually involved. Due to our disappointment with World Tong recently (too much sesame oil in everything!), we ventured further for our food. We went to Sunset Park where you can find a wide variety of dim sum restaurants. But I went to the good-to-us-in-the-past Pacificana. We like this place a lot. It's cleaner. It's bigger. And the food tastes good. Come to think of it, we should come here more often. There is no take out area like the other restaurants. In fact, you have to go to the register area and talk to a waiter who will take down your order. I wouldn't suggest anyone who doesn't speak Chinese to do this. While waiting for our order to be filled, we looked at the take out menu and it did not include dim sum. Unless you know what your dim sum is called, then you really don't have a shot at ordering correctly. But since my Chinese is a-okay, we were in for some good food (after I continuously hounded the same waitress for last minute add-ons...several times). Pork and Shrimp Shumai (always a good staple) Fish meatballs (not fishy at all but texture is soft and slightly rubbery...just the way I like it) Pan Fried Sticky Rice (a myriad of ingredients -- Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, scallions, mushrooms, etc) Malai Sponge Cake (a sweet brown sugar/molasses steamed cake) Vegetarian Rice Skin Noodles with Soy Sauce (simple but addicting) Meat and Vegetable buns (not very good, unfortunately) Fried Taro Dumpings (inside is filled with meat -- sorry, no innards pictures) Pork Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce (one of my favorites) Shrimp Dumplings (another good staple) Pepper Beef Short Ribs (another favorite!) Daikon Turnip Cake (soft but slight crisp from pan frying -- great with oyster sauce) Dumplings (innards include meat and vegetables) Shrimp and Chive dumplings (another favorite!) Shrimp Rice Skin Noodles (just good) Pacificana easily offers better dim sum than World Tong. If you eat at the actual restaurant, you'll enjoy a much wider variety of food. You can have sweet and sour pork, sweet custard, desserts, clams, durian, etc. These dishes usually come out later around 11-12noon. They're good but can be pricey. But all that dim sum above probably cost us about $40. It fed 6 adults. Not bad at all. I like this place a lot. The atmosphere is cleaner and more relaxing. The space is big. And the tables aren't too cramped together. Most of all, the food is good. They're not heavy on the sesame oil which allows natural flavors to come out. And even their dinner service is good. Pacificana Restaurant 813 55th Street Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 871-2880

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