Monday, July 20, 2009

Ramen Setagaya

Originally we planned on dinner at Caracas Arepas. But The line was out the door. We didn't want to wait. Instead, we walked around the East Village until we stumbled across something I've heard of before but haven't gone to. We stumbled upon Ramen Setagaya. I can always go for a bowl of noodles in broth. It warms my soul. But I'm always reluctant to go to these new pop ups because of the price. Paying over $10 for ramen really hurts. I can't really justify it because I can make it at home. Yes, it takes some special ingredients like good broth (which I have) but ultimately, I gave in this time. We walked in and the place was half full. We grabbed a couple of seats quickly. The short menu gave us no problems deciding what we want. I opted for the dinner set with Shio-Ramen and gyoza ($12.50). He got the dinner set menu of Shio-Chasyumen with gyoza ($15.50) The food was good. The broth was tasty and flavorful. The ramen was cooked perfectly. The pork was fatty but good. The soft boiled egg added some more great flavor. The scallions and seaweed was good too. The gyoza was your standard kind of dumpling. The skin was thin and the meat and okay. It was a nice complement to my hot bowl of noodles. When the check came, it didn't occur to me that it was more than I thought. It came out to be $34.97. With tip, my total was $40. But if you add up out 2 dinner sets, it should have been $28 before tax. At most, it should have been around $30 with tax. Unfortunately, I didn't realized this until we left the place and was well on our way. Reflecting on this (and with my handy calculator), they charged us 15% for service when the check was presented ($28 for dinner + 8.625% for tax + 15% for service). So I doubled tipped. Sneaky! But I don't blame them. I just didn't look at the itemized receipt better. I usually do but I don't know why I didn't this time around. Although there wasn't any mention on the menu about a service charge. Hmm... Ramen Setagaya 141 1st Ave New York, NY 10003 (212) 529-2740

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