Friday, August 21, 2009

Galaxy Diner

When moving to a new area, it's nice to find some local go-to places such as a bar, fancy restaurant, and diner. We finally had time to go to the diner on the corner. The first time had already sealed the deal. Galaxy Diner seemed simple enough. It's menu was huge to cover all tastes. The place was spacious with tables outside. And there was a bar in the middle. We were there for the food. Normally, a burger is a good test. But we've already had some local burger places. So we opted for brunch food. I had the eggs benedict ($9.75). It came in a small plate but still offered enough to fill me up. The canadian bacon was crisp, the english muffin was soft. And the eggs were poached perfectly. The hollonaise sauce was too thick though but tasted good. I enjoyed the meal. The only downside were the hash browns. Tasteless. Bland. Completely unappetizing. I tried to add salt, pepper, and ketchup. That didn't even remotely save it. They were lost. He ordered a ham and cheese omlette ($7.95) with a side of sausage ($3). They tasted good too. The side of sausage were 3 fat links of breakfast sausage, his favorite. The omlette was decent and a good size. Again, the downside were the hash browns. Tasteless spuds. We liked everything. Definitely good enough to go back.

Galaxy Diner 665 9th Ave New York, NY 10036 (212) 586-4885

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