Friday, August 14, 2009


After a long day, Mr. Meat & Potatoes and I were looking for some dinner. I was feeling pasta so we hit up Restaurant Row (West 46th Street). First, we called up Becco and inquired about their pasta special. First, the hostess didn't know what they were. And second, she butchered the dishes' names while reading them to me. Come on! If you work at an Italian restaurant, should you be able to pronounce the dishes there?! Whatever, it was a total turn off. Luckily, we had a back up. It was recommended by several co-workers. Lattanzi was just next door. And it was better than anything that I expected. The place is nice and quiet. I can have a conversation with people at my table with ease. And it wasn't very crowded. No waiting for the bathroom. And no crowding at the front door. I was very comfortable. The service was quick and very helpful. Specials were given with perfect pronunciation. Always a plus in my book. They gave us a really good bread basket. We really liked the flat, crispy bread on top. It had garlic oil and sea salt on top. Great way to whet the appetite. For appetizer, we share the beef carpaccio ($13). The beef was fresh and delicious. The parmesan cheese was sharp yet creamy. The arugula salad underneath was well dressed and gave the dish needed bitterness and crunch. We liked it and there was plenty enough to share. For entree, I ordered linguini with clams ($19). It was really good. It came with the clams already out of the shells. The garlic and clam sauce was very good. It was all over the pasta. I enjoyed this very much. He got the mushroom ravioli ($19). This was very good as well. The ravioli was large but filled with lots of mushrooms. The sauce was hearty enough to stand up to the strong taste of mushrooms. We enjoyed everything so much. In fact, we went back a few days later with his parents. That time, we tried the meat. And Lattanzi did not disappoint at all. I got the veal stuffed with fontina and vegetables in a marsala wine sauce. It was so good. I liked it even better than my pasta dish last time. He got the seafood risotto which was very excellent as well. They gave him mostly lobster and shrimp. The risotto absorbed the great seafood flavor. His parents got a chicken scallopine in marsala wine sauce, and another veal dish. They were equally as good. We couldn't stop raving about the food. Everything was the perfect portion. We didn't feel overstuffed or hungry. Just happy and full. At this point, I would love to make this my go to neighborhood restaurant. It was that good all around.

Lattanzi Ristorante 361 W 46th St New York, NY 10036 (212) 315-0980

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