Monday, August 24, 2009

MarkJoseph Steakhouse

Finally, I had some free time to take Mr. Meat & Potatoes out for his birthday dinner. His birthday was in May. Oops! But nonetheless, I wanted to make it special. He picked MarkJoseph Steakhouse. As you can tell by his alias, he loves steak and he loves potatoes. How fitting! We arrived on Water St far and away from what we're used to. We never venture this far south and east. It was a nice night out though. Cool and refreshing, especially near the water. Once arrived, the place wasn't packed at all. That's not a good sign for a Saturday night. But we were happy to have a good meal. We were sat immediately. Our waiter, Marty, was friendly and gave us great service. We knew what we wanted before he even gave us the menus. But we always like to look to see if we missed anything. But we're seasoned steak eaters. We love our dry aged steaks. For appetizers, we had the sizzling thick cut bacon ($3.75 each) and the lobster bisque ($10.50). The bacon was very good. Thick like ham and hot and sizzing when arrived. It's fatty and meaty. The lobster bisque was very good too. You can find small chunks of lobster in it. The cream was sweet and smooth. The flavor of the lobster was really apparent. I savored it slowly. For entree, we shared a porterhouse steak for 2 ($82). One side is the filet mignon and one side is the sirloin. We asked for it medium-rare and it was a nice lovely pink. The filet side was a little overcooked though. But good nonetheless. For sides, we ordered creamed spinach ($9.95) and steak fries ($8.75). A plate of goodness for a happy diner. Overall, this place was okay. The food was okay. The service was good and the decor was lovely. But we weren't impressed by the food at all. It's an offshoot of Peter Luger's. We both thought that the steak and sides didn't live up to the original. He even said that the steak was bland. I thought that the dry aging process wasn't up to par. We would gladly for to Luger's or Wolfgang's over this place. With all the great steakhouses in NYC, why settle for mediocre? MarkJoseph Steakhouse 261 Water St New York, NY 10038 (212) 277-0020

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