Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Old Friend, Treats Truck

I finally decided to give myself a treat. I've been working really hard and convinced myself that I deserve one. What better place to go than the Treats Truck. I fell in love with this food truck a while ago. But I've been neglecting it. I've even left the frequent buyer card out of my wallet. Gasp! But back I went. And instead of one treat, I spied two! A peanut butter and jelly cookie sandwich, and an ice cream cone cake. The peanut butter cookie sandwich is the best cookie peanut butter cookie I've ever had. It's rich and the flavor is intense. In the middle, you'll find both peanut butter and jam. It's so good. I devoured it and pick up the crumbs. The ice cream cone cake was good too. I picked a chocolate cake with vanilla icing. The cake and icing are layered through the entire cone. I thought the icing was a little too sweet for my tooth. But I'm abnormal. I like not too sweet icing. For instance, I think store bought canned icing is too sweet. But most people love that stuff. Also, the cone wasn't crunchy any more. But this isn't due to the baking. It's actually the humidity outside. As a baker myself, I know how humidity can be such a drag on baked goods. I, myself, have tried to save icing only to have it break with the humidity and heat. Blech. Nonetheless, the cake was good. The cookie was better. Treats Truck (212) 691-5226

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