Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pacificana, again

Whenever people ask me to take them to dimsum, I like to go to Pacificana. The atmosphere is nice. The place if big and clean. And the food is good. A recent treat for my Parsi family brought me to Sunset Park. We dined on so many different dishes that I couldn't snap pictures. Instead, I just had enough time to do a picture of the table. We had a lot of the usual take like shu mai, har kow, rice skin noodles with shrimp, cha siu, and beef, soup dumplings, stir fried vegetables, etc. We also got some weirder stuff like tripe and beef tendons which they didn't really enjoy. It's okay though. I don't expect people to like everything. Heck, I don't like everything. But it was a good meal. And they definitely want to go back. Pacificana Restaurant 813 55th Street Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 871-2880

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