Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pam Real Thai Food

Now that I'm in Midtown permanently, I want to find the best authentic places. It's a new neighborhood that I'm excited to explore. A nice cheap dinner with friends at a local place was the agenda the other night. A quick scour of my favorite blogs brought me to Pam Real Thai Food. The name wasn't impressive but the food was. We got there at 8pm on a Friday night and it was quite busy. We were lucky to have scored a table for 6 people. The menu was huge. Some were too daunted to pick something so they went with Pad Thai. The more curious went for new dishes. I piked crispy pork with basil ($8) with rice. It was really flavorful. The pork was a little too crispy in a very chewy way. The basil was good though. And the sauce was fantastic. I wish they gave me more rice to soak up the sauce. Every one enjoyed their dishes. Even the non-spicy fans were happy. This place wasn't pretentious at all. Service was okay. But the food was fantastic. I'll definitely be going here again.

Pam Real Thai Food 404 W49th Street New York, NY 10036 (212) 333-7500

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