Thursday, August 6, 2009

Parsi Parties Are Great!

Another Parsi party means another great night of eating. First the appetizers: Striped Cheddar, Mozzarella and Proscuitto roll, and garlic toasts More cheese and crackers: smoked gouda, brie, monterrey jack, port salut Bhajia: fried onion fritters served with green chutney. One of my favorites! Chili Bhajia: Fried chili peppers. Don't be fooled! If your palate isn't used to heat, they're spicy no matter what Parsi people say! Crab dip in phyllo shells: I can eat a whole plateful of these myself For dinner: Kolmi Na Pulav: spiced rice pilaf with shrimp and eggs Dhansak: a lentil based curry. Great over rice. Got to have a salad to round things out. Naan: flat bread to scoop up any leftover sauce Masala Marghi with Kaahju: a spicy, saucy chicken with cashews Paatis: seasoned ground beef covered in mashed potatoes and deep fried. A crowd favorite. As you can see, a took a nice helping of everything. For dessert: Vegan chocolate chip cookies Falooda: a creamy drink served with ice cream Chocolate mousee Everything is so good. I try to have at least a little of everything. But in the end, we're all stuffed and rolling on the floor happy.

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