Friday, August 28, 2009

Squirt's 1 Month Celebration

The cutest baby in the world right now is my new nephew, Squirt. He's one month old. And in my culture, that's pretty big. We had a grand party for him with lots of amazing food. It's funny though because he doesn't eat solids yet. It's more of a spectacle to show off your amazing baby while introducing him to new sites, smells, and people. This special day was hosted by yours truly. I did it right. I ordered an entire suckling piglet for him from Diamond on Eighth. It was roasted Chinese barbecue style. I also ordered a whole chicken and some dimsum. Everything smelled so good. It was the first time I've seen him smile. Oh yeah, we have a budding food lover. The suckling piglet is about 10 pounds. It's skin is so crispy and crackly. It reminds me of pork rinds. So good. The meat is soft and tender. And you will find a thin layer of fat in just the right places (pork belly!). When you get this fresh, it's one of the best foods you can find. The chicken is just steamed. This method retains the juices very well. It's very bland though. But this type of chicken is made for dipping sauce. My favorite is ginger and scallion. Some people use soy sauce. And we got a large variety of dimsum to share. Even Squirt had a taste of everything. You can bring the food up to his lips so that he can smell and taste it. But no chewing. That's for us, for now. Diamond on Eight Restaurant 6022 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 492-6888


  1. holy bazookas, that's an entire pig! I'm super impressed! Damn that looks tasty...

  2. @Danny: Oh yeah, I'm definitely the cool aunt.


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