Monday, August 3, 2009

Wong Wong Noodle Shop

I've been on a huge kick for hand pulled Chinese noodles. They're quite tasty. It reminds me how good handmade noodles are. Previously, I've only had handmade pasta and they're so great. I've recently discovered that Chinese noodles are great too. And best of all, they're cheap! This time, I headed to Sunset Park, Brooklyn for some good noodles in soup. The place was called Wong Wong Noodle Shop. And it gave me everything that I wanted. I ordered my usual pork chop with fishballs with hand pulled noodle soup. The noodles and soup always come separate to prevent the noodles from becoming mush. In the soup, you can find 2 pork chops and 5 fishballs. These are the fu zhou fish balls with meat inside. So incredibly good. The noodles are soft but still gave a slight chew. And they gave me some vegetables. Bok choy in this case. I always welcome some veg in my diet. Mixed together, this was a very satisfying meal at around $6. The pork chop wasn't anything special but at least it wasn't dry like the other place that I frequent. But it wasn't pan fried before hand either. It was just cooked in the soup. The fishballs here have less pork inside and more of a fish layer. But pork was much tastier than the other place. In all, I like Wong Wong better. And more people frequent this place. Hopefully that means that the food is more fresh through rotation. Wong Wong Noodle Shop 5410 8th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 633-5633

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