Friday, September 11, 2009

CSA #4: Kale and Onions (again)

An abundance of kale from my CSA isn't a bad thing. I love the whole breakfast thing. I've made this twice before and I'm not tired of it yet. First, I cook up some bacon. Not too crispy! Remove the bacon but use the grease to cook the onions until tender. Then I add chopped kale into the mix. Don't forget the salt and pepper. Lastly, as my own twist of flavor, I add a few dashes of Tabasco sauce. It gives it that much more depth. While that is cooking, I toast up some English muffins. Then add the vegetable mixture on top. In the same pan, I cook some eggs. Two runny yolks each. Have I mentioned how much I love runny yolks? Yeah, ALOT! Lastly, a grating of good sharp romano cheese. Then the sprinkle of bacon on top. This would be healthy if not for the bacon and its fat. You can use olive oil here if you like. But the bacon just does something extra special with the kale. So good. Upper Meadows Farm 12 Pollara Lane Montague, NJ 07827 (973) 293-8171

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