Thursday, September 17, 2009

El Rey Del Sabor

Whenever I have a chance to go out for lunch on a weekday, I try to make it good. Most of the time, I brown bag to work. Yeah, I know...not a true Midtown Luncher. But my wallet and waistline wouldn't hold up. And besides, I love cooking and baking. Believe it or not, it actually relaxes me. So when the chance came up again that I was left with no brown bag, I searched the web/blogs for suggestions. Usually, my cravings are the biggest decision maker. But they were shot that day. I just wanted something good. And I wanted to try some place new. Although, I've tried some seriously good places that deserve more than one visit, I wanted to expand. So when I was scouring the blogs, I came across the commotion from the El Rey del Sabor cart. Normally, I don't really go into the whole hooplah of fights over space/land/hood. Heck, I'm from Brooklyn and the mafia put you in your place. Don't look and no questions asked. But in righteous support of a someone who was being bullied (insert bad childhood memories here), I went for some Mexican food at El Rey Del Sabor (on 43rd St & 6th Ave). Good for me, they are considered one of the best Mexican options in Midtown. Score. I arrived around 12:15pm and there was a line already. I walked around the cart for a menu with choices and prices. Nothing. Just pictures posted. When it was my turn, I asked about the tacos ($2.50 each). Three different kinds were being served: chicken, spicy pork, and beef. I picked all three. You have the option of green, red, or habanero sauce. Green on everything, please! I get back to my desk and greedily unwrapped the tacos. They looked great. Two tortillas per taco. Each soft stuffed with meat, onions, veggies, and green chili sauce. I start with the chicken because it's always the most bland. The chicken is actually a little dry. Not much flavor to the meat. But the toppings and sauce are really good. The tortilla is great. The beef was next. The meat was much better. Juicier and much more flavor. The combination of meat, veg, and spice worked so well. Lastly, the spicy pork. Oooh spicy but in a good way. The flavor here was very good. The best of the 3. Again, the combo of meat, veg, and spice worked really well. Normally, three tacos would satisfy anyone, including myself. In fact, while I was standing in line, most of the other patrons were ordering only two. But being starving and not realizing the size of these tacos, I ordered two of each meat. Yes, that's six tacos people! Did I mention that I was the only girl on line too? Ugh, this is what I get for being too short and not being able to look up and over into the griddle inside. Whatever, I proceeded to eat all six...all in one sitting. Never underestimate the power of hunger, hormones, and stretchy pants. Yes, my friends, it was too much food. But I made it. No Montezuma's revenge for me. And lesson learned, three tacos max the next time. Although my gluttony won't deter me from another visit, it will deter me from another visit soon. El Rey Del Sabor (Mexican Food Cart) NW Corner of W46th St & 6th Ave. Other locations: SW Corner of E60th St & 3rd Ave NW Corner of E49th St & 3rd Ave

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