Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day BBQ

What's a Labor Day without a nice BBQ? Especially since the weather was just perfect for the last weekend of the summer. I spent my official Labor Day BBQ in NJ with good food, drinks, and good people. First the appetizers: There's always cheese in this house. I think there's port salut and gouda here with crackers. A guest from California made some fresh guacamole. It was delicious. No wonder he's nicknamed "chef". Lastly, somee marinated kabobs. They have various Indian spices. So good. Next the entrees: Some perfectly grilled chicken. Juicy and flavorful. My addition: Korean marinated beef short ribs. A new crowd favorite. Tender, fatty, salty, and sweet. So good. What's a barbecue without burgers and dogs. I like mine with cheese please. And the sides: Some potato salad. Too much mayo for me. A nice refreshing salad to balance everything out. Some asparagus. Very tender. Simply cooked button mushrooms. Lastly dessert: Chocolate chip cookies A lovely cheesecake from Miss Pastry Chef. A crowd favorite. And some nice cold watemelon.

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