Monday, September 28, 2009

Pho Tay Ho

As a change of pace, the big sis brought over some Vietnamese food to satisfy our hunger. And boy was I hungry! She purchased the goods from a nearby restaurant in Brooklyn, Pho Tay Ho. I think I've actually been there once. It's not fancy and most would consider it a hole in the wall. The food is decent and definitely friendly to the wallet. We start off with some Goi Cuon (summer rolls with shrimp - $3.75 for 2). They are not stingy with the peanut sauce. The summer rolls were really big but refreshing. The shrimp wasn't stringy and the lettuce was crisp. The peanut sauce was done right with a good combination of peanut butter and hoisin sauce. Then we shared a plate of Bun Cha Gio Bo Lui (grilled beef & spring roll with sesame seasoned lettuce on rice vermicelli - $5.95). The Bun Cha was good as well. It comes with a fish/vinegar type sauce that you pour all over. It's also another nice and refreshing dish. The spring rolls held up well in the travel and was still crispy. The beef was tender and flavorful. Bahn Mi sandwiches are always a must (sliced pork, pate, pickled veggies on a baguette - $3.25). I love these. Thankfully, we got 2. The banh mi sandwiches were just okay. I've had better. The meat to bread ratio wasn't what I was used to. And I didn't detect any cilantro in it. But still a decent sandwich. Some nice and hot Xe Lua Pho (combination extra big bowl with rice noodles in beef soup and six different meats: brisket, navel, frank, omasa tendon & eye of round - $5.95). The Pho was really hearty. It's best when eaten on a cold, rainy day. It's just one of those warm your soul type of foods. But being that I've had many of these over the years, I can eat them on the hottest of summer days. They also offer a grilled chicken version: Pho Ga Nuong ($5.75). The grilled chicken version wasn't too bad. The chicken was very juicy and flavorful as well. But there's nothing like a nice beef bowl of soup and noodles. With everything said and done, it cost right under $35. This amount was enough to feed 5 adults properly. Mmm, mmm good. Pho Tay Ho 2351 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11214-4309 (718) 449-0199

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