Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yum Yum

A recent dinner with friends in the new neighborhood was called. We were looking to advance the palate of one of them. But nothing to scare them off. And of course, we wanted to keep the price low. Nothing is worse than trying something new, hating it, then having to pay a large sum for it. No one likes that plan. So we headed out for Thai. Hell's Kitchen is a Thai mecca. My favorite so far is Pam Real Thai Food. We went there first but the wait was 15 minutes. More importantly, it was cash only. We forgot to inform our guests. They insisted on someplace else and we obliged. We headed to the ever so popular and more trendy Yum Yum. We started off at Yum Yum 3 but it was booked. No free tables. Next, Yum Yum Too. There was one table but a group of four took it right before us. No luck. Lastly, the original Yum Yum. There was room in their second room. Fantastic. We were tired of walking and just wanted to eat. Menus and glasses of water came quickly. As we looked things over, we saw a special: Buy any drink $7 or more and receive a free appetizer on the list. We all went for this deal. As a group, we picked: Mai Tai, The Playboy, Mojito, and Pineapple Mojito. I have to note right now that the drinks for sickenly sweet. So much that I took one sip, dry hacked, and didn't finish the rest. Also, I didn't taste any alcohol in them. And they came when we were having our entrees. Bad bad bad! The food was better (thank god!). For appetizers, we picked: curry puff, edamame, steamed dumplings, and wingdings. Here's a picture of the curry puff. It was light and flaky with a nice curry flavor. The dip was a light vinegar to help cut the oil in the puff. For entrees, I ordered pork in garlic sauce (tod kra tiam - $8.95). The pork was good. Not dry at all. The garlic sauce was very good and strong. It came with a bowl of rice that I used to sop up all the sauce. He picked the Penang curry with chicken ($8.95). There was a good heat to it but the kind that didn't linger. She picked a special duck dish called Duck Num Dang ($14.95). It was a really large portion. The sauce was sweet and sour. The meat was tender. And the one we wanted to explore new foods picked Pad Thai with beef ($7.95). It was simple but different. It's definitely an easy dish to ease someone into Thai food. It helped that he liked peanut sauce. At the end of our meal, they gave us some ice cream on the house. On top we have red bean (okay), then coconut (more like vanilla with shredded coconut), and green tea (no one liked that one). All in all, the meal was just okay. I definitely like Pam Real Thai Food better which is definitely more authentic. With all the other choices right around the corner, I might as well go for what I like and not settle. Yum Yum Bankok 650 9th Avenue New York, NY 10036 (212) 262-7244

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