Friday, October 9, 2009

The 3rd Wedding

Weddings are fun. People are always smiling and having a good time. Hugs and congrats all around. Unfortunately sometimes the food does not match the atmosphere. Not in this case though. A couple of friends of mine got married recently. They love food, just like me. So they made sure that the food at their wedding is up to par to their own high standards. It took place at the Steiner Studios in Brooklyn. At Stage 6, Abigail Kirsch provided the catering. Supposedly, they are the who's who of catering. I was very excited to partake in this wedding. We started off with hors d'oeurves being passed around. This is a fancy hot dog on a stick. It was good. Peppercorn beef. Still pink, nice. Crab salad. Refreshing. I think this was pork but I forget. Nonetheless, it was tasty. Portebello fries. A favorite. The parmesiano cheese on the outside was so good. Duck taco. Also good. Mini burgers. My favorite of the night. Who doesn't like bite sized comfort food? There were also buffet stations for guests during the cocktail hour. This one was the Asian station. There's some stir fried beef, rice, tofu, and dumplings. The second station was Italian. It provided antipasti, pasta cooked to order, artichokes, and marinated mozzarella balls. And on to the sit down dinner. For appetizer, we were presented with a lobster and corn souffle. Oooh! I love souffles! This was really big and soft. I liked it. I wish it had more lobster. Then again, I can never have too much lobster. Then a refreshing salad. This was called a BLT Caesar salad. And for main course, we had 2 choices. I picked the steak that came with potato gratin, and grilled seasonal vegetables. The steak was cooked medium rare. It was cook. Some thought it wasn't juicy enough. The potatoes were creamy and awesome. The vegetables add a nice freshness to the normally heavy dish. The other choice was a sea bass. This was really good. It was fishy at all and it was cooked perfectly. Nobody likes rubbery fish. I do believe it was on a bed of spinach and potatoes. Last dessert. I think this was called Contemporary Chocolate Fondu. From left to right, the skewers were berries, chocolate, and nuts. They were in a chocolate rice krispie. The fondu was rich and decadent. And the beautiful wedding cake. Those flowers are edible. I think they were sugar flowers but I wasn't sure. Once sliced, we found out that it was carrot cake! The icing was great! Yes, icing and not fondant! This was definitely one of the better food weddings I've been to. I was happy and full at the end. I danced the calories off. Fun! Abigail Kirsch Stage 6 at Steiner Studios 15 Washington Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205 (718)237-1919

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