Sunday, October 25, 2009

Becco (again)

Mr. Meat & Potatoes' friend came from out of town for work. He met up with us for some drinks and food. We eventually picked Italian for dinner. It was easy from there. Restaurant row has tons of Italian places. And what better place to choose than Becco. It's a crowd pleaser and the menu is large enough to please anyone. On this random Thursday night, the restaurant was crowded even at 9:30pm. That's a good sign for business. After perusing the menu and hearing the specials, we all opted for the pasta special which was $23 for 3 different kinds of all you can eat pasta. That night there was spaghetti marinara, gemelli with pesto and asparagus, and gnocchi bolognese. It was the gnocchi that did it for all of us. This special comes with an appetizer. I picked the caesar salad. It's similar to a regular caesar salad but with more cheese and I didn't detect any anchovies in the dressing. The other option is the antipasti plate that usually contains grilled vegetables and some seafood. Tonight, there was some octopus and swordfish. The pasta comes out of the kitchen in large trays that the waiters carry around. When your plate is finished of one kind, they ask if you want more. It's always piping hot and delicious. I actually liked all three of the pasta. The spaghetti had a very normal marinara sauce. Sometimes all you want is simple. The gemelli with pesto was good as well. You could smell the pesto coming from down the hall. The asparagus added a nice freshness and crunch to the dish. The best was the gnocchi. It was light but slightly chewy. The bolognese sauce was thick and creamy with just the right amount of meat. It was a heavy dish. But delicious nonetheless. Our guest liked the place and we're glad we went there. Also, the waiter recommended a very good medium bodied red wine off their $25 and under wine list. It was smooth but very flavorful. It was a great complement to the dinner. Becco 355 West 46th Street New York, NY 10036 (212) 397-7597

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