Sunday, October 25, 2009

Biryani Cart

I was short a lunch one week. And so I decided to go out and get some street food. The Vendy Awards passed not to long ago so it would be the perfect time to see how the carts were doing. I went for some Indian food at the Biryani Cart. They've recently won the People's Choice Award. No wonder it was packed when I went on a rainy day. *Correction: I just found out that it's Bangladeshi food* I was contemplating between the popular Kati rolls or the classic Biryani. Seeing how this was my first visit, I went for the classic. I mean, this dish is what the cart is named after. How could I not? They take the orders quickly and you can see the men working hard inside. It's kind of chaotic to me but the system works for them. They don't lose track and everyone is happy at the end. I got back to my desk and opened the hot plate of Chicken Biryani ($6). It's a lot of food but looked delicious. I can see lots of spiced rice with chicken chunks in it. Some bigger than others. There's also a Korma egg, some salad, and a pickled mango. There's also a generous amount of white and red sauce on top. I dug in quickly and it was really flavorful. The rice was the best part. You can pick and see the cloves and other spices in it. I also found large pieces of chicken in my dish. They were big enough for several bites. Good substance. The hard boiled Korma egg was a nice addition. Although, I didn't taste much of the Korma flavor in the egg, I loved the addition anyway. I will always love eggs. The salad was a nice refreshing addition to an otherwise very heavy lunch. This lunch is enough for two people watching their weight. I ate it all though. Hahha, I don't share. The only thing I didn't like was the pickled mango. It didn't seem like the texture of a mango to me. There was a hard shell on the inside. One nibble and out it went. Now I know why this cart won People's Choice. The flavors are really good here. The service is good and the food is cheap. It also helps to see tons of other Indian people waiting in line for food. I guess that makes the authenticity a plus. Biryani Cart NW Corner of 46th Street & 5th Avenue New York, NY


  1. This cart is on my list... i see we have the same taste in Food Blogs. Our blog Rolls are similar

  2. @Mo Diva: Lovers of good food rejoice!


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