Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bon Appetit Supper Club

Dr. Mandoo was in town for the weekend and wanted to grab lunch together. Normally, we would try one of those great NYC restaurants that we've been dying to go to together. When else can we enjoy a fancy lunch? The only downside is the dressing up and reservations. This time, I reminded her of the Bon Appetit Supper Club. It's a pop up restaurant/cafe that appears one week every year in Midtown. I've been wanted to try this for a really long time. They get some great renowned chefs to participate. But best of all, it's affordable! We first arrive to the corner and there's a slight line. Maybe about 6-8 people in front of us. That's not too bad considering what I've been reading on the blogs and websites. And it's the last day. People tend to overcrowd places on the first and last day. Once inside, we could see that each station was separated. There was a line for each. Today, the longest line was for soup. But I wasn't feeling that although Rick Bayless's corn soup sounded fantastic. Instead, we opted to split 2 salads, 2 sandwiches, and 2 desserts. First up, the salads. There was no line here. It's all pre-made and refrigerated. My choice was very easy. I opted for Daniel Boulud's pork terrine trio ($8.50). I love anything that man makes. This was so decadent and a great fancy steal for under $10. It was a special lunch indeed. The greens were slight bitter that complemented the salty and fatty terrine. The mustard was strong and tangy. A great contrast to the meat too. She wanted to pick Tom Douglas' Crab Louie Salad. Unknowingly, she picked up Nate Appleman's Tuna Salad ($9). Not a bad mistake at all. The tuna was good. It didn't resemble canned tuna at all. The veggies were fresh and bright. Everything retained it's flavor very well. For sandwiches, I picked the Jose Andres' JLT ($9). A spin on a BLT sandwich but instead he used some deliciously flavorful serrano ham, sharp manchengo cheese, and some greens. At first I thought this sandwich seemed a little wimpy. But it was just the right size because the flavors were so strong and on point. She picked Nate Appleman's Vegetarian Sandwich ($8). It came with marinated peppers, zucchini, and smoked ricotta. I don't normally go for vegetarian sandwiches but this one looked fantastic. The foccacia bread called to us. Besides, the smoked ricotta was so rich and decadent that we didn't miss the meat. To finish things off, we picked some dessert. I completely eyed the Gina DePalma's Venetian Apple Cake ($3) the whole time. And no mistake. It was so good. It completely reminded us of the changing of the seasons. Cooler weather was to come. Rich apple flavor and nice spices. She quickly spied Alex Stupak's Yuzu Tart ($3). It was slightly sour but very refreshing. I could eat a lot of this. The texture was custard-like over a rich buttery crust. And to go, we grabbed a couple of Nancy Olson's chocolate toffee bags ($2 each). A nice rich flavor to end the meal. I will definitely be doing this event next year. Not only for the food but also for the possible celebrity citing. Yes, we saw Marcus Samuelsson there. Nice! Bon Appetit Supper Club & Cafe 101 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019

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