Thursday, October 15, 2009

City Cafe

Dinner with the family usually involves some kind of Chinese food. This time, my dad picked the place: City Cafe located in Brooklyn Chinatown/Sunset Park. We've been to this place for breakfast and lunch before. They're really good for their rice porridge/congee. But they've been heavily advertising their dinner too. And it's cheap. We opted for some spiced chicken. I think it was ginger sauce. The chicken was succulent and the flavor was good. Next, some spicy tofu and pork. It's similar to mao po tofu but not as spicy. This was really great over rice. The tofu was silky and smooth. The pork made a great meaty sauce. Some deep fried squab. Usually pretty good but this time, fried to no distinction. Too dry. Deep fried fish and tofu with sauce. I like this dish a lot. Unfortunately, it wasn't one of the better versions tonight. The fish was fried too much making it dry even though it was soaked in sauce. The sauce helped but it was disappointing. Some stir fried chicken with vegetables and nuts. It's slightly spicy. It was just okay. Ordinary and forgettable. Fried beef short ribs. Normally, an easy crowd favorite. But again, fried to no distinction. The meat was dry and chewy. The flavor was right though. It was slight spicy from the jalapenos. If this was done right, it would have been really good. All this food plus 3 containers of rice and 2 containers of soup cost $53. It fed 5 adults with slight leftovers. That's a lot of food for a cheap price. Unfortunately, it could have been better. The food is good enough where we would give it another try. Maybe we'll steer away from the fried stuff next time. But fried (when done correctly) is so damn good! City Cafe 5603 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 686-8288‎


  1. interesting they put green peas in the tofu, pork dish

  2. @Gar: Yeah, I think it was just to make it look prettier. Otherwise it's just a brown blob (a yummy brown blob).


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