Wednesday, October 28, 2009

King Star Restaurant

Not too long ago, Diamond on Eighth had changed its name to King Star Restaurant. Originally, it was called Jade Palace. It's not uncommon for Chinese places to switch ownership several times leading to changing of names several times too. On a recent night, we headed out to dinner. Three other places were packed and had no seating for our party of 5. So we ended up at King Star. While we were there, they filled up too. After we ordered from the menu, they brought us some complimentary soup. It's meat and vegetable soup. It's made from boiling down lots of pork meat and bones with vegetables to get this savory and flavorful soup. Some places just add MSG for flavor. The better ones actually work hard on this. Was this place a better one? Hard to tell but I was really thirsty later on. We started off with an order of jellyfish. It's marinated in sesame oil and chili oil. It's definitely an acquired taste. It's slimy but with a slight crunch. I like it and so does the whole family. Next up, some chicken. This is fried garlic chicken. This chicken is usually precooked. Then they throw it in to fry and crisp up the skin. Lastly, they add some fried garlic on top. The flavor is really strong. And the skin is super crispy. The fat had rendered off. Some half dried squid sauteed with garlic chives. The squid is half dried to intensify the flavor. But it's only half dried to prevent a stringiness. The garlic chives are strong in their own natural flavor. Here we have some salt and pepper pork chops. Though it was mostly deep fried with fried garlic on top again. I think it was over fried. It wasn't dry but the crispy outside was too crispy. And some lovely lobster. Lightly coated then fried ending with a quick stir fry with ginger and scallions. Two lobsters per order. Lastly some sauteed pea shoots with garlic. It's hard to make this at home because you'd have to pick the mostly gentle pea shoots and use a very high heat. Chinese dinners always end with two desserts: oranges that weren't sour but didn't have much flavor either. And red bean soup. It's a dessert soup that has been sweetened with sugar but the base of it is red bean. Sometimes you'll find tapioca in there. This whole meal plus 5 bowls of rice cost $91.25. It was more than enough to feed 5 adults. The food was okay and definitely enough to grant another visit. But with so many other places in Sunset Park, why settle for mediocre? King Star Restaurant 6022 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 492-6888‎

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  1. i guess that's what happens when you go to the only place that isn't crowded


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