Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Right Way To Do A Baby Shower

Many times when I hear baby shower, I just want to dry heave. What's fun about sitting around in a circle watching future mom open gifts and screaming with (fake) glee. Gag! But fortunately, other responsible adults felt my pain. I recently went to a co-ed baby shower (yes!) that focused on the food and drinks (alcohol present!) while still made sure that the mommy to be was the star. I found myself in some suburb of Pennslyvania surrounded by plates of food coming hot out of the kitchen, mysteriously good yet deceptively strong punch, and friends galore. This is my kind of baby shower! Thank you! So the party started out with trays of cheese. Lots of cheese. Glorious cheese! Oh my! Yes! This one was cow, goat, and sheeps milk. Strong in taste. Crumbly creamy in texture. My second favorite. Next, another creamy cheese made from cow, sheep, and goat. Nice and sharp and so good on the bread. This was my favorite. I sat right in front and continued to eat. Next to it was another crowd favorite, Manchengo. So good just by itself. Some Italian cheeses to round everything out. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the names and descriptions. But the harder cheese wasn't very sharp but was light and tangy. The softer cheese reminded me of a triple cream brie. Always good to me. Some more appetizers included a spinach dip in a bread bowl. What's better than an edible container? Shrimp cocktail and sauce. It's hard to snap pictures when people (including myself) are grabbing for these quickly. Raspberry and brie rolls. Hot from the oven and melt in your mouth. The raspberries are sweet yet tart and complements the creamy soft cheese in a flaky crust. An assortment of goodies: pigs in a blanket (crowd favorite), potato dumplings (soft and mashed inside), and samosa-like triangles. The main course: burgers straight from the grill (manned by the dad to be). Some hot dogs to go with that. Bacon for your burgers. But many people were just eating these as is. Lots of fresh bread and condiments. Yum! An amazing assortment of grilled vegetables. Grilled chicken as well. Huge servings of tomato, basil, and mozzarella chese. What's a barbecue without potato salad? Macaroni and cheese. Classic side. And to round things out in the end, specialty cupcakes. Too pretty to eat? I think not! I'll have the chocolate one please. It was a good day spent with friends telling stories over good food. If more baby showers were like this, I wouldn't groan at the invitations anymore. Help save baby showers from tacky moms!

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  1. mmm... cheese plates. i could attack those forever!


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